Based on one of the top selling and highly acknowledged novels, Wicked: the life and times of the wicked witches of the west written by Gregory Maguire, Wicked is a show that would entirely change your viewpoint regarding the land of Oz. The academy award winner Stephen Schwartz has taken care of the lyrics and music for this awe inspiring and unforgettable extravaganza. Moreover, the musical has been directed by the Tony Award winner Joe Mantello which is a proof to its world class performance and show quality. The theatre loves all over the United States stay tuned to the upcoming show schedules of the Wicked and never miss out a chance in their city to watch this show. The musical tours across the United States and is one of the most popular theatrical plays across the nation. Moreover, the Wicked musical has also been presented across the world by various private production houses. According to Broadway, it is one of the most demanded and largest running musicals ever presented by them.

You should also keep checking the wicked show schedule so that you do not miss out the show when it is held in your town. The story of this theatrical play revolves around a little girl known as Elphaba, who grows up to become the wicked witch of the west. This smart and misunderstood creature challenges all our predetermined concepts and ideas regarding the good and bad. The show has cost an approximate of fourteen million dollars and its original production which has been entirely done in United States has involved more than one hundred and fifty people who have worked day and night for nearly two years. The musical goes on for two hours and thirty minutes and keeps the audiences engrossed through the end. The fantasy filled theatrical has won uncountable awards which include three 2004 Tony Awards and many more prestigious ones to its credit. Furthermore, the popularity of this show could be well imagined from the fact that its tickets are sold out months prior to the show date just because its fans are always on the lookout for discount tickets online.

If you are one of the theatre enthusiasts and want to buy wicked show tickets at rates that are least expensive then you need to make sure that your online tickets booking partner is reliable and offers 100% guaranteed tickets. The cyber domain is full of scam and fake online tickets booking companies are continually on the rise. The question is how to find a reliable and genuine online tickets booking company? For this you need to read user reviews across the cyber space and know for yourself, which tickets vendor is genuine. Ticketsdepot247 which is one of the leading online tickets vendors offers not only special discounts on account of advanced bookings but also makes sure that you do not have to get into the hassle of ticket cancellations afterwards. They offer hundred percent guaranteed tickets at minimal pricing.

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