In this article we will briefly discuss the ever so popular American rock group: Maroon 5. And with an enormous following, acquiring tickets for their next show may seem virtually impossible. Hopefully, upon completion of this article, you will be able to avert those challenges and ultimately provide suggestions and tips to others on what the best approach is in terms of purchasing tickets.

Formed in the year 1994 in Los Angeles, California, the iconic ‘Maroon 5′ group was born. While the members were still attending high school they went by the name Kara’s Flowers. After signing a deal with Reprise Records allowed them to release their first album: The Fourth World, in the year 1997, and it was then, that they had ultimately changed their name to Maroon 5. But after a halfhearted response from fans, the group split up and attended college. Two of the members, Adam Levine and Jesse Carmichael had decided to move to the east coast and attend Five Towns College in New York. It was during this period that they felt the inspiration to start producing music again. But this time however, it appeared their music was created as a byproduct of urban influence, and NYC culture. And since they managed to target this type of crowd, more and more city dwellers started becoming Maroon 5 fanatics, especially since they were able to empathize with their lyrics. With the incredible number of songs and albums this group has produced, it’s only natural that they begin touring. The question for devoted fans however, is how can one go about acquiring tickets to see them.

See the below sections for answers to these types of questions and more.

Although Maroon 5 tickets may seem unattainable nowadays, there are still a few tips and strategies that can be exercised prior to losing all hope. If you’re a fan of any deeply admired performer, there is nothing more exciting then seeming them live and in concert. The challenge however, is not only to actually acquire the tickets, but also to avoid getting gypped. Unfortunately for fans, the entire ticket buying industry has changed, and for the worse. You see, once the tickets become available to the public, they are already gone. Why? Well what’s happening is that the majority, if not all the seats have been presold and allotted for private fan clubs and credit card companies. And if there are any remaining seats, the price in most cases is considerable higher than the actual face value.

After reading the last section you may be feeling a bit discouraged but you shouldn’t be as there is some good news. Thankfully, a number of consumer advocacy groups have been created in order to help ticket shoppers not only purchase them but to help them find the best deals possible; so yes, you too can partake in the presale action. A good suggestion would be to join the fan club of Maroon 5, which will then allow you to receive alerts from your credit card company, who in turn will provide you with the exact dates and times of when these tickets become available.

A few other good tactics when looking to buy tickets of a Maroon 5 show is to get on the mailing list of popular venues, especially if you know that they will be performing there. Secondly, it would be smart to sign up with some reputable ticket sales websites and apps which also should provide some presale tickets. The drawback with this method however, is that you will need to enter in all your personal information, including credit card details. In addition, it is very important to be mindful (http://www.sitejabber.com/blog/2011/05/28/how-to-avoid-concert-sports-ticket-scams/) of where you are entering in this sensitive information. There are many bogus sites that hackers have created in order to steal your personal info but the good thing though, is that since you are paying with a credit card, you will have the ability to dispute any unauthorized charges. Lastly, prior to making purchases ensure the ticket brokers are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, which will help to add some extra safety along with peace of mind.

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