If you are planning on applying to a performing arts school, then you will find that auditions will be different everywhere you go. Dance auditions can consist of individual auditions, group auditions, individual interviews, and observation. Every school is different so you need to be prepared as much as possible for any eventuality to ensure you aren’t disappointed.

If you are looking for dance colleges specifically, then you might find even more variation in the audition process. Some performing arts schools might expect you to learn a routine with a group of applicants whereas some may expect you to have prepared a routing. The same applies to singing and acting.

Applying and auditioning for dance school

Dance colleges vary in what they will expect from you, but you can prepare by knowing the basics of what you can potentially expect throughout your journey. Again, auditions will vary from college to college. If you are a serious dancer, there is no harm in having a short routine prepared and perfected in case it’s required. If it’s not required, you might still find an opportunity to show off. In case you have to learn a routine as a group, prepare yourself mentally for this possibility.

Paperwork: Dance colleges will require some paperwork to be bought along to the audition. You can put together letters of intent, references, photographs, and even a dance resume if you have experience you can work with. Paperwork gives you the opportunity to sell yourself with the option to think about it first, so make the most of it.

Dress code: The standard clothing required will be traditional ballet attire. When you hear about your audition you might get questions like this one answered. If not, stick to the standard and even look on the college’s website to see what their dancers wear if you are unsure.

Video: Some dance colleges will expect you to submit a video performance as part of your application. You can use this to your advantage and ensure your performance is impeccable. Check the requirements at the college you are interested in and find out whether the video is part of the application itself or the audition. Videos also give you the opportunity to sell yourself with a chance to think about it beforehand, so take advantage of this.

Interview: Pretty much every dance college will interview you individually so be prepared to sell yourself. This is the time where you will have to sell yourself without being able to stop and think, so be as prepared as possible. You might feel that certain experiences you have had are insignificant, but don’t rule anything out. As insignificant as something may seem, it could be the clincher that gets you the place.

The right dance college could be your stepping stone towards an incredible career in performing arts. Make sure you consider every aspect of the audition process whilst you apply so you don’t miss out on the place you want. The top colleges are in demand, so consider applying to a couple of colleges to make sure you get a place.

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