Home theater systems are now more affordable than ever, and you can have the same, or better, experience of watching a movie on the big screen in the comfort of your own home. All it takes is a screen, sound system, and a little bit of knowledge on installation. Here are some tips for buying and setting up your home speakers in New Orleans, LA.

Go Reliable

When selecting what type of equipment you want to buy for your home theater system, it pays to do your research. You can find several different kinds of speakers for very cheap if you look hard, but you should make sure you really are getting a good deal. Always read the comment section and look up certain brands. If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. Of course, buying the most expensive speakers on the market doesn’t necessarily mean that you are getting the best quality ever. There are several sites if you search for them that will review technology and tell you which speakers are the best bang for your buck. Home theater systems have been on the market for long enough now that there should be good, well-informed reviews available to you.

All about Placement

Even the best speakers can sound terrible if you don’t put into consideration the placement of your equipment. Typically, if you buy surround sound speakers you will put 2 on either side in the front, 2 on either side in the back, and 1 in the center. You must take measurements of your space and make sure that you have enough space between the speakers and from your sofa to the screen. If your speakers are set too close together, then the sound will bounce off each other and it will just sound like a lot of bass.

For this to be an enjoyable experience, you should also make sure that your screen is the correct size for optimal viewing. Take into consideration where you like to sit in a movie theater. If you like to sit right up front, you probably want to go for a larger-than-life screen. If you prefer the back row, then you might want a more moderate-sized screen.


There are several different models of home speakers in New Orleans, LA, but they are not all created equal. There is a ranking system for the best sound quality and that all has to do with how the model is meant to be mounted. The freestanding speakers have the best ratings, and they should be positioned about 5 feet off of the floor for the best sound. After the freestanding speakers, wall-mounted speakers are ranked second in quality. Another type is  the built-in wall speakers, these are mostly sought after for aesthetic purposes but don’t have the best quality. If you are planning on using ceiling speakers at all, they should only be used in the front. You should consider the placement of the furniture in the room and access to outlets when you are deciding what make and model to go with.

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