The Lion King is one of the most popular names across the world especially when it comes to kids’ entertainment. It all began with the release and tremendous success of the lion king animated cartoon movie which was produced and released by the Disney animation studies in the year 1994. The movie rocked the cinema screens not only across the Americas and Europe but all over the globe. According to the reviews, the movie not only gained amazing popularity among the kids and teens but also among the adults. The awe-inspiring story of the lion king made it become one of the best rated movies and was declared ideal for all of the kinds of audiences including the kids as well as adults. The unmatched popularity and fame of lion king animated cartoon movie among masses compelled the Disney theatrical to think of bringing it to the theatres after the cinemas. After more than three years of nonstop working and planning, the musical to this exceptional movie was also launched at the Broadway.

The launching of lion king musical at the Broadway grabbed houseful audience and tickets were found short. In order to buy discount the lion king tickets the people who were enthusiastic to watching this musical rushed to the ticket booths to book weeks and even months in advance. The musical soon travelled across the US and after having received enormous success, the lion king musical toured across the globe. It did national tours of United Kingdom, Japan and United States. The superb direction and playwright of the lion king musical helped it win the hearts of millions across the world. Apart from the original production team of the lion king musical, many other production houses across the world also presented this musical and received high acclaim. According to the statistics of international theatres association, the lion king has already been rated among the top grossing and longest running musicals ever in the history across the globe. It is a musical that is not to be watched once; instead it has been watched by its fans for as much as twice or thrice.

Getting to know about the story of lion king, it tells us about a just and kind hearted lion Mufasa who ruled the pride lands and all his subjects loved him for his justice and equality he ensured for everyone. Since Mufasa has no child, his next to kin was his step brother Scar however soon the pride lands came to know about the birth of a lion cub Simba. The whole kingdom was happy and jubilant for Mufasa to become a father however Scar was not happy on that and his jealousy reached the highest level when he planned to kill his brother and nephew in a stampede and take over the throne as the next king of pride lands. Today, you can find the lion king tickets online at the leading tickets booking portals and the musical is yet on show at theatres across the globe. If you are also enthusiastic to watch what happened next, do not forget to book your tickets online today!

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