One Direction as a band came together through the television realty show X-factor. Originally entering the show individually, they were grouped together by Simon Cowell after a suggestion by judge Nicole Scherzinger. They were henceforth being mentored by Cowell to sing as a band and they ended up bagging the second runner’s up prize in the reality show.

The beginning towards the same Direction

One Direction was not always the band that people have come to known as it is today. They were five teenagers who auditioned for the television reality singing show The X-Factor. After noticing that they would do better combined than alone, Simon Cowell, one of the judges at the show, mentored them to be the sensation now known as One Direction. Noticing their talents and the Justin Bieber-esques teen aura, Cowell brought them together and they finished third in the reality show. They gained quite a lot of acclaim by their rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s “My Life Would Suck Without You” and Elton John’s “Something About the Way You Look Tonight” and the likes.

Banding Together

Spotting the potential of the five to be made in a widespread teenage heartthrob sensation, Simon Cowell signed them to his Syco label in a two-million dollar deal and after performing on the X-Factor tour, the four of them began to work on their debut album with Savan Kotecha. Following a sponsorship deal with Nintendo DS and a book, Forever Young, named after their cover of the Alphaville classic that was intended to be their winner’s song, they released their first single, “What Makes You Beautiful”, in the late 2011. This was followed by their full length album Up All Night. They become the first British band to debut on top of the Billboard 200 list when their album sold like hot cakes during the first week of its release in America.

Since then, they released a second album in 2012 Take Me Home which proved to be another chart topping and worldwide smashing hit. Some of the songs of the album reached the top ten in U.S. They thereafter, embarked on a globe-spanning tour in which the band, played in over a hundred shows. At the same time, a film was being made by director Morgan Spurlock known as This is Us, which was a mix of documentary and concert footage. The filmed released in 2013 proved to be successful at the box office.

Even though the band has witnessed some minor controversies along the way, nevertheless it has not worked to bring the band’s popularity down. The so called Directioners as the fans of the band calls themselves has been showing constant support to the band and its members.

While touring around the world itself they came out with their third album Midnight Memories in 2013, which proved to be another successful milestone for them. Get the best price of the One Direction tickets online and listen to this sensational boy band soothing your eardrums.

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