The NY Giants football team had a disappointing season in 2013, and missed the playoffs in the National Football League, so the bitter taste of that disappointment lingered with them during the entire off-season. But 2014 is a new year and a new season, and everyone in the Giants organization fully expects a return to post-season play and success in the playoffs.

Purchasing Tickets

Corporations wanting to have a presence at MetLife Stadium where the Giants play can inquire about the availability of premium suites, which provide a fantastic way to view games, both for company officers and for important visiting executives. These premium suites are a great way to impress business associates with the class and high quality service available during the thrilling experience of a Giants football game.

If you’re not a big business looking to entertain guests and are simply a big fan of the team, you may want to consider purchasing season tickets to the entire 8-game home schedule of the Giants, which of course includes the pre-season games as well. Season ticket holders are also given preference for buying playoff tickets, so that would be an additional incentive for having the season ticket package.

Less Expensive Alternatives

If you feel that you can’t afford the whole season ticket package, there are some less expensive alternatives that will still allow you to cheer on the Giants. The prices for individual tickets to the games currently range between $110 and $725 per seat, depending on location, and when tickets go on sale early in the summer, you’ll need to go online right away to secure the tickets you want.

Of course ticket availability will be less for the games against some of the more successful NFL franchises, or against division rivals like the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Redskins, and Philadelphia Eagles. Even going online early to secure tickets may be difficult for some of these more popular games.

The Giants franchise does not currently offer group packages of tickets as do some other NFL teams, so the only possibility other than season ticket packages are the single game tickets mentioned already.

Where to Purchase Tickets

Football fans do sometimes still want to go down to the stadium itself to purchase tickets, and stand in line to get tickets for the games of interest, but if you’re not interested in braving the long lines, there are numerous outlets online that sell NY Giants tickets. On the day that tickets are made available to the public by the team, you can go online and try to get in the virtual line as quickly as possible so you have the best chance of securing tickets. Now popular band, One Direction, show tickets are also available online. Time is running out, hurry!

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