When it comes to the theatre, London proudly stands head and shoulders above the rest. Many of the venues in the country’s capital city believe strongly in tradition and take pride in England’s rich history, which is why so many of them have been preserved and have stood the test of time. Many people go and visit them not just for the show, but because they are visiting what is considered one of the country’s biggest attractions.

For some people, going to the theatre in London is something they do while visiting the city on a holiday or on a short break. Some people even decide to stay in the city for the night after seeing a performance at one of London’s prestigious theatres. For that reason, there are a variety of London theatre packages that are designed to suit everyone’s needs, no matter what they are planning to see at the theatre.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s epic musical The Phantom of The Opera is still going strong on many stages even after twenty years. It is still a particular popular hit on London’s famous West End, where the show still sells out despite its age. From as little as £67 per person per night, you can enjoy the show and stay in one of London’s luxury hotels nearby. This is ideal for someone who is travelling from a different part of the country and is just looking to take in a show at the West End and relax afterwards in the lap of luxury. It certainly is something that is considered by many to be a once in a lifetime experience.

If you are perhaps thinking of taking the children with you to enjoy a London theatre experience, then the Lion King musical would be perfect. It’s a show that has toured up and down the country and has sold out at a variety of venues. It is perfect for the kids as it contains some of the best puppetry and costumes that have ever been seen on the stage. In your package you have a wonderful choice of hotel rooms that are perfect for you and the kids. No more worrying about having to get home immediately after the show. This also gives you and the children the opportunity to look around and take in some of London’s magical sights if you have never been able to before. Most London theatre packages also include a fabulous meal in a choice of the city’s top restaurants, so why not give yourself a well-earned treat and spend the evening soaking up all London has to offer?

No matter what show you would like to see in London, even on the West End, there are plenty of theatre packages to suit your needs. The theatre has now evolved into one of the most enjoyable live experiences that a person can see, and many people are now getting into the spirit and deciding to enjoy a luxury package with their show. With theatre productions such as The Lion King now on the stage, theatre productions have also become wonderful family events where everyone is able to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience with all the family.

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