In the world of art and entertainment, theater is considered to be a great medium of expression and creativity. Since its inception, theater remains an important field in serving multiple purposes, most importantly, the expression of ideas. These ideas are brought forward mostly through dance, dialogues, body language, voice, songs, presented and performed in various theater types including drama, comedy, tragedy, musicals and improvisation. This universal form of art provides a great variety to entertain an audience with diverse tastes and preferences. For all those who find theater a source of relaxation and fun, a wide range of theatrical events schedules and cheap theater tickets are available online. Get your tickets now!

The easiest selection to buy tickets would be to look for Jeff Dunham tour dates. He is already on the roll with a fun-filled promising summer. Born in Dallas, Texas, this multi-talented artist is a global entertainment brand. Dunham’s unmatched ventriloquism abilities and exceptional comedy in live performances is a delight to watch. More so, because his innovative approach with his signature characters always add something new to his performances making his audiences always come back for more. Dunham’s entourage on stage, the dummies of distinguished characters, has assumed a life of their own. Each character has a separate, huge fan following. Some of the most fan-favorite characters are, Walter, Peanut, Bubba J, Achmed the Dead Terrorist, and Jose Jalapeno.

Dunham’s fascination with ventriloquism began at the age of eight, with a Christmas present dummy  and an accompanying instructional record album from his parents. By the time he was ten, Jeff had firmly decided to become a professional ventriloquist and performed anywhere he could find an audience. After graduation from Baylor University, he moved to Los Angeles, and in no time, became a highly appreciated and most applauded performer on the national comedy club circuit. He appeared on almost every stand-up comedy show known to man, as well as made frequent guest appearances on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and ‘The Tonight Show’. The journey to success continued in the following years, with Jeff’s first one-hour prime time special in 2006, his self produced infectious show titled ‘Arguing with Myself’ and premiered in 2007, his second production ‘Spark of Insanity’. With 6.6 million viewers, Dunham’s 2008 television event ‘A Very Special Christmas’ became the most watched program ever. It’s no wonder that Forbes entered him in the Celebrity 100 list of most powerful entertainers three years running.

Jeff Dunham has become phenomenally successful comedy star, with half a million views on his YouTube videos, highest rated television specials and series in the history of comedy channels, DVD sales exceeding seven million units, and live concerts being sold-out-mega-events worldwide. Dunham continues to perform to sold-out arenas with record breaking tickets sales. So do not delay, book your Jeff Dunham Tickets todaysince the scheduleshave been updated. Reserve your place now to enjoy the sensational performances by this iconic ventriloquist and comedian.

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