If you are planning for a corporate event and you wish to hire a magician, you probably be worried about the thing that whether you are dealing with the one who is capable of entertaining your guests or not. This question is true as there are many best magicians in London out there who performs real magic and who is just tricking you to get a quick buck out of your event? Don not fret, below are the qualities that you must look for when you hire a magician for any of your event. These things will help you to make a right choice and also your show will be a hit.

Best London Magician

Over Patter

This thing must be considered as sometimes magicians over rehearsed the things which later seems like cramming. On the other hand, it could get even more worse in the event when the magician makes an effort to simply wing the item with plenty of explanatory patter such as saying they are shuffling now, remind the audience that he or she has a deck of cards in their hands or narrate to the audience that they are about to place the deck down. This tends to keep your audience experiencing patronised and also a small wintry because they go through their particular routines without the personal interaction.

A real close up magician is the one that make audience participate and involves interaction & after that performs accordingly. As audience always want to experience something unique and new. The more a magician can tailor his performance, the more people will feel connected and will experience enjoyment at a greater level.


One of the most important quality of a best close up magician is its diligence. It is good if the magician reaches at the venue prior the start of the event as he himself gets time for making arrangement according to him. If you are paying good enough, by this nobody will want a magician that is panting or sweaty upon the arrival.

Unique Skills

The tricks being performed by the magician you hired should be in accordance to the demand of the public, that is it should be up to the date. If the tricks are being repeated, audience will immediately notice that things and the show will become a big failure. As a professional, the performance of the magician should be flawless.

Multi-Talented/ Versatile

A magician needs to be a versatile performer with the best qualities for the performance. Though, it is obvious that every show does not have the same audience, but it does not means that the performances should be the same. Hired magician should be such that it would be capable of entertaining, people from all age groups.

Length Of The Performance

When the performance drags too long, it starts making people bored and irritated. Usually people love performances that sweet and short with greater fun. Magician should mingle with the audience for the greater success.

All these were the things that must be kept in mind before finalizing any of the magician. You would find many close up magician in London, but to choose the correct one needs precision.

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