Are you one of the theatre enthusiasts seeking for a theatre show that could not only entertain you but also your kids? Well, there are a plenty of musicals but some are for kids whereas the others are for adults but the lion king musical is one of a few in the world which has been appreciated by the kids and adults alike. This wonderful show comprises the heart-touching story of the lion king and his son Simba. This musical is based on a super hit animated film by Disney studios of the same name. The film was released in the year 1994 as a part of the Disney’s 32 animated movies venture and which hit the cinema screens with a bang and became a blockbuster success. The Lion King film was one of a kind film that won the hearts of not just kids and youth but also stole the hearts of adults and old. Its heart touching story is what impressed most of the people around the world.

The immaculate success of the lion king movie was something that made Disney studios think about creating something that could be live and more entertaining for the audiences. The Disney theatrical then decided to create a musical based on the same story and characters. The work started on this musical and after three years of hard work and dedicated, the lion king musical was tried out at the Minneapolis in 1997 and after a couple of days it was officially launched at the Broadway. The musical not just became an instantaneous hit but was also nominated for many awards in the same year. Due to its remarkable performance and direction, the lion king musical received the Tony Award for Best Musical in the year 1998 which was a huge success for the Disney theatrical team. Those who were seeking children theater tickets online started purchasing the lion king musical tickets. The musical became an instant success and was highly admired by the kids as well as the adults across the world. This not only grabbed high attention of media but also became a headline on many newspapers.

The lion king musical’s awe inspiring background musical, unmatched performance by world class team of actors and unparalleled direction made it hit the theatres with a bang. The musical was not only presented by the original Disney theatrical team across the world but was also adopted by several private production houses around the planet and was presented in several languages privately. In short the musical did as much business as any theatrical show could do and is still on the scene. According to a report by Broadway, it is one of the longest ever running musicals on the Broadway. The unparalleled success of the lion king musical made it rank as one of the greatest shows on the planet. If you are one of the fans seeking discount family theater tickets, you should give a try to lion king, which is one of the greatest musicals ever presented by the world theatre industry.

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