Born in Dallas, Texas in 1962, Jeff Dunham is a ventriloquist comedian who discovered ventriloquism at the age of seven. He gave his first puppet performance in third grade and continued to perform throughout college. In 1988, he moved to L.A and pursued a career in ventriloquism vigorously. In 1990, Dunham officially began his career and over a period of time, he has proven that a ventriloquist can have a huge mainstream success. Dunham has earned fame worldwide with his humor based on race and political correctness. His acts consist mostly of banter between himself and his puppets, each of whom has a distinct comic personality and say things that no human could get away with. If you haven’t seen a live performance by this comedian yet, then you are missing out on a night full of laughter. Buy Jeff Dunham tickets today, and visit the nearest venue to have some quality time with friends, family and Jeff Dunham.

Dunham uses seven different puppets in his acts, known as the famous “suitcase posse” among his fans. The ‘suitcase posse’ consists of an old and out of touch curmudgeon Walter; who is outspoken about the things he hates. Arguably one of his most famous puppets is a suicide bomber-turned skeleton Achmed the Dead Terrorist; who shouts angry threats at American audiences. The famous Peanut; A hyperactive purple ‘woozle’, Jose Jalapeno; literally a talking jalapeno pepper who punctuates almost every sentence with the famous phrase ‘on a stick’, A dim witted redneck Bubba J; who loves drinking beer and watching NASCAR, A low-rent wannabe Melvin the Superhero, and Dunham’s manager Sweet Daddy D; an African puppet with little tolerance for Caucasians. Dunham and his ‘suitcase posse’ have sold out clubs and theaters nationwide and released three stand-up specials and one album of Christmas songs.

Other than the appearances on TV Shows, and after nearly twenty years in stand-up comedy, Dunham finally recorded and released his first stand-up special, ‘Arguing With Myself’ in 2006. A year later, his second stand-up special, ‘Spark of Insanity’, premiered on Comedy Central which was also released on DVD shortly thereafter. In 2008, Dunham came up with his third Comedy Central special, ‘Jeff Dunham’s Very Special Christmas Special’, an hour of holiday theme stand-up, which was seen by 6.6 million people, setting new record of viewership on Comedy Central. It became the highest-rated show in the network’s history and Dunham was voted number one on Comedy Central’s ‘Stand-up Showdown’ the same year. To coincide with his Christmas special, Dunham release a music album that featured songs from the special along with new material. In 2009, Dunham began starring on his own show, ‘The Jeff Dunham Show’, in Comedy Central.

The successful phenomenal comedy star continues to entertain his loyal fans around the globe. Be it the prime seats or cheap Jeff Dunham tickets, reserve your place for the up-coming show sooner, as the tickets sell like hot cakes. Do not miss the opportunity to watch this iconic ventriloquist bring his puppet characters to life, producing fits of laughter at your nearest venue.

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