The year 1984 saw the emergence of an entertainment company which soon went on to become one of the largest theatrical productions in the world. The company is none other than Cirque Du Soleil. Founded by Baie-Saint-Paul and two former street performers, Gilles Ste-Croix and Guy Laliberte, Cirque du Soleil, based in Quebec, Canada, has become the largest theatrical producer today worldwide.

René Dupéré, the music composer of 10 Cirque du Soleil shows once famously said, “People might think that we set out to reinvent the circus, and then just did it. But things did not happened that way. We were a bunch of crazy people who wanted to do things, and little by little we came to a vision of what the modern circus could be.” Since the initiation, Cirque Du Soleil’s turning point was the year 1987 show in the US, which was their first. The unique and awe-inspiring performance saw the crowd go berserk and the rest became history. Soon performances were organized not only in North America but across the world, especially in Europe.

Past Shows Here are some past shows by Cirque du Soleil that never failed to dazzle crowds and have ever since been curiously awaited.

Alegria One of the most beloved shows of Cirque Du Soleil, Alegria has been performed over 5,000 times and not just that, 14 million people have witnessed this beauty across 250 cities. Translating into joy and happiness Alegria is one of the most successful shows of Cirque Du Soleil.

Saltimbanko A perfect concoction of modern acrobatics and traditional circus acts, Saltimbanko remained the longest running show ever performed by Cirque du Soleil until it was discontinued in the year 2012. Loved by millions of people, Saltimbanko featured 600 performances across 140 cities worldwide.

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Though running since long but the charm of Cirque du Soleil just refuses to fade. Go and watch the show yourself to know the reason!

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