Actor, director, comedian Hannah Rockey is known for the diverse characters she has played in her life. She has worked as a TV artist, stand up comedian, instructor, writer and done various arts projects. Her acting career has spanned over 20 years, including theatre, film and improvisational venues. She is well known for her attractiveness and her witty charm. She has established herself as a credible leading person in movies and on TV.


As an actor she never formally studied theatre or acting, she utilized all that she had memorized as a kid and in college. She is compelled by thoughtful, nuanced theatre in varied aesthetics. She firmly believes that theatre has strong transformative powers and it changes one’s insight about the social, political, emotional, and humanistic force. She feels that through theatre on can connect to live and take part in dialogs that are vital and healthy for any society.


Hannah Rockey received ample commercial success with her acting and voice over roles in: Fox Television 30″ To Fame (Self), Fox Television 2005, Oxygen Network (Self), Oxygen Network 2008, Voice Over PSA Child Abuse Feature (Woman), Univ. of CO 1993, Animal Planet “Busted” (CSI), Rocket Pictures 2008, Rocky’s Auto (6 commercials) (Madeline), Talking Dog Productions 2007, LA Weightloss (Self), Melbourne, FL 2009, etc. These were some of the most proclaimed roles that she had performed.


Demonstrating many roles in her lifetime, she has portrayed some very rewarding roles that make her distinct. Her most prized roles are where she creates an eclectic array of true to life characters for the Crisis Intervention Center. She has added many stars to her career by showcasing award-winning roles. Hannah’s most recent role is where she portrays a new character who wrestles with her own thoughts on God, heaven, and other spiritual issues. She is both poignant and hysterical making it the most talked about roles.


Hannah Rockey is also an active member of the guild that helps people who are in the darkest stage of their lives. She shares her humor as well as her intense first hand knowledge of darker experiences with teens, pregnancy centers, hospital and any place where people are in need of looking at life afresh. She tries her best to combine trauma with comedy and help those in need. “Each one has a fear of letting it affect our life is what we do wrong”, believes Hannah. She feels that one should conquer the fears and make it their strongest point.


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