Comedy and Magic is an irresistible combination. And, no one else but Magic Manas aka Manas Tayal is gifted with this combination. Magic Manas is an internationally renowned expert sleight of hand artist who blends magic and comedy in a unique and entertaining way, to not only amaze the audience but to have a show that everyone will remember for quite a long time. He has worked on some of the hottest venues in the world. He has been performing across the globe, including cruise ships from USA and Australia.

 This weekend, fans in India are in for a treat, as the Comedy Magic of Manas will unfolds at the Canvas Laugh Club in Mumbai. Canvas Laugh Club is one of the hottest comedy destinations of our country. Known for hosting the most amazing comedy shows and stand-up acts in the country, the club is presenting Manas Tayal for the first time to the audiences in India. Comedy is synonymous with Canvas Laugh Club, but it will be interesting to see the blend of comedy and magic at the venue.

 Magic Manas has been a long time student of magic and performing art. It is his unique style and skill of blending his magic and comedy, that brought him fame and popularity. Comedy Magic is a genre which very few artists attempts. They say “Laughter” is the best medicine and “Magic” is the best gift you can give someone. A combination of both is the best entertainment that almost anyone can relate to. It touches not just our funny bones but also intellectual side that everyone of us possess. Magic Manas is gifted with this unique quality of touching audience hearts with his comedy and magic. He has performed with some of the best comedians and magicians of the world. He has some of the best hand tricks in magic that nobody can surpass. His rope trick is simply amazing. Possessing best of both, comedy and magic, Manas Tayal is one of the sought after entertainers in the world. His shows not only baffles with astounding magic but also leaves people laughing out loud.

 There is no better place that Canvas Laugh Club for Magic Manas to perform. The club is known as the hub of Comedy in India. It is the ultimate place for the experienced as well as the budding comedians. So, Mumbai, let Magic Manas, Hands of a Magician and Tougue of a Comedian, tickles your funny and intellectual bones with his superb skills.


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