Did you know, more than half of the world takes their children to theatres to watch musical that are made especially for them. Ever since the start of theatre industry in the world, many different types of theatrical plays are being presented at theatres across the globe for kids as well as adults. There are some, which were intended for children but became equally popular among the kids as well as adults. Such musicals include the lion king at the top of the list. Walk Disney studios started a series of animated films in the nineties and at that time, it decided to launch thirty two animated films. Among the thirty two animated films launched by the Disney animation studios included the lion king. This was launched back in the year 1994 with a bang! The animated film came out and rocked cinemas across the globe with unbelievably positive and amazing reviews not just from the children but also from the adults.

The lion king animated film was a super duper hit and keeping in view its tremendous fame and acclaim, Disney studios decided to write up a theatrical play for it. Later they decided to launch the lion king musical as well, at the Broadway theatres. The lion king musical did an awesome job and rocked theatres all over the United States, Europe and across the world later on. The original production did national tours of many larger countries whereas the musical was presented at several places across the world by private production houses. The best thing about lion king musical was its excellent direction, awe inspiring acting and unbelievably awesome music. The sound tracks of the lion king are still played all over the world in the year 2014. The musical was launched at Broadway in the year 1997 and just a month earlier to that, it was tried out at Minneapolis. The fans of lion king animated film, who were already on their toes to watch this musical live, reached theatres right away after its announcement at the theatres. The children and family theater tickets of lion king were sold like hot cakes across the world.

The lion king musical which was launched by Disney Theatrical in the year 1997 did too good to be true. In fact the musical topped the theatres and months in advance, the tickets to this awesome theatre production were sold out. Each of the shows was a pre sold out event. It became the only event for which the children event tickets were sold across all channels. The lion king is one of the most inspiring and sweetest stories you could ever imagine. It comprised the lion king whose name was Mufasa and ruled the Pride lands and his son Simba. The king Mufasa was dodged to death by his jealous step brother Scar in order to take over the throne of pride lands. The young innocent Simba was also tried out to kill by Scar’s friends, he evil hyenas whereas they did not become successful in doing so. If you are one of those who have not seen this yet, you should watch the lion king musical near your town today.

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