A home cinema offers an opportunity to enjoy audio and video equipment at home similar to the experience of being in a movie theater. Cabling – that connects all devices such as an HDTV or A / V source – is an important part of the home theater. The main purpose of cabling installation is to high-quality multi-media experience. However, aesthetic part of wiring installation is also very important ie installation must be clean and professional looking. For example, cables need to be hidden from. The other important point is the fire safety; installation – carried out by walls, behind baseboards, under floors – have in most jurisdictions (National Electrical Code or NEC) code compliant.

Planning purposes, the audio video installers must first determine what kinds of signals – component, DVI, composite, HDMI, S-video – must be performed on the display. DVI and HDMI cables -in contrast to RF modulated video cables -are key as they carry digital information and perfectly suited for today’s high quality video (and audio) experience. Then the home theater installer should consider what kind is conducted as in wall or ceiling extends through or just patch cables, the work has to do best. Camouflage and cable routing plan must take into account how and where signals enter the home theater room; lines from external sources, such as a satellite dish, an off-air antenna or a CATV system. Other important considerations for cables:

  • In-Wall pipes enable installers can pull cables if necessary. For future-proofing, the installer should consider the main conduit is possible that the wall cavity can accommodate.
  • For House wiring cable jackets must NEC security levels. His CMP CL3P, CL2P, CMR, CL3R, CL2R, CM, CMG, CL3, CL2, CMX, CL3X, CL2X, CATV, CATVR, CATVP, CATVX.
  • Use Of a pass-through connection control unit that identifies a device connected to another cable from the jack.
  • Use Of cables which correspond to the color of the room, in particular walls.

Are you ready to install your home theater? Then use NEC-compliant CL3 valued products. The CL3 HDMI cables have 24 AWG thickness and made for HDTV connectivity in professional home theater installations. For longer connection up to 75 meters, using CL3 rated HDMI Repeater Cable with active expansion; the male side of this cable to connect your source. Also, HDMI wall plate, a good accessory to connect your home theater system via CL3 HDMI cables from the wall.

Enjoy the comfortable home theater cinema, the sounds of your movie, and the ability to wear pajamas to the theater without shame!

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