If you are a baseball fan then how could you not love Boston Red Sox, one of America’s most loved teams. Now, if you love Red Sox, then surely you wouldn’t miss a chance of watching their games in the upcoming season. Though the team fans are bit perturbed with their performance in the year 2015 but they are not giving up yet.

So it is expected that the Boston Red Sox games will see packed stadiums with their fans cheering enthusiastically to ensure their favorite team’s win.

The year 2016 appears to be a promising one for the team as the club’s young nucleus performed really well in the second half of the current season. Yes, the upsurge does happen a bit late this year as the rest of the season remained really disappointing for the fans. However, this indicates towards a happening 2016 for Red Sox as their fans are quite optimistic that the team will be able to continue the momentum which they have gained by this season’s end.

The team has unveiled its 2016 regular season schedule and immediately queries have started pouring in to buy Boston Red Sox tickets. The team begins their season in Cleveland on 4th of April, Monday. They will be playing against the Indians. This will be the first ever regular-season opener for Boston Red Sox in Cleveland. It’s to be noted that Boston started its season against the Indians previously for three times, all of which were played at Fenway Park, in the years 1962, 1977, and 1979.

For their first home game at Fenway Park, you will have to wait till Monday, 11th of April. The match will be held against the Orioles. Take a look at the Sox schedule and you will find it is West Coast-laden as they will be making three separate trips while setting their watches three hours behind. Red Sox will be in San Francisco from 7th to 8th June. The next trip will be a long one from July 28 till August 7 when they have matches in Los Angeles and Seattle. Finally, they will spend three days in Oakland from September 2nd till 4th.

If you have plans to visit any of these locations then start inquiring to buy Boston Red Sox tickets right now. There are several avenues which can be explored to purchase your favorite team’s ticket. Apart from Red Sox official site, there are many ticket selling sites which present you with lucrative offers to book entire season tickets or single game tickets as per convenience. Just make sure you are picking up a reliable site to avoid last-minute hassle. The 2016 schedule of Red Sox looks quite exciting as matches have been lined up against their long time rivals like New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Toronto Blue Jays, and others. So there is really no reason to miss such action packed events when you can easily buy Boston Red Sox tickets from the comfort of your couch.

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