SRM is India’s finest acting classes in Mumbai for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actor-performers in the entertainment industry.

 SRM is a school designed for a new generation of filmmakers who want to learn.

The classes at SRM are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical’s, theories, games, exercises and extensively filmed practical.

The top Acting Classes in India for Film, TV and Theatre. Enroll for SRM’s Short Course in Acting, Modelling to launch your career.

 Acting is a course which transcends the conventional boundaries of acting, personality development or grooming programs, and offers guidance to a soul-searching transformation.


The intensive professional-level course provides specialized training in acting.

Acting Class allows you to build your career and also will give you a lot of confidence in the film industry.


At SRM Film School, we have invested many years of creative growth, experience, and accomplishment to establish an environment where expansion of every student’s expression can take place. We make a strong initial contact with all of our students. Our endeavor is to make each student feel that he or she belongs to this industry. Once this acceptance is established, we work through a series of imaginative story, games, and exercises that opens the door for our students to truly understand what it takes to excel in this highly competitive field and for them to polish upon their skills that give them the competitive edge over their peers.

In our energetic, unique and creative teaching environment, we encourage our students of all ages to explore the world around them, expressing their individual uniqueness, talent and feeling of self-worth in a safe environment.

We open the doors to you to share in our joy of each and every student who creates magic on an empty stage. Embrace your dream.

Our students not only learn acting with fun but also get opportunities that most others can just dream of. They get the opportunities to see live auditions, which are held in our own film school on regular basis. Watching live auditions give our students tremendous confidence and knowledge and make them feel at home when they themselves are part of it.

  Their talents are boundless, their expressions are illuminating, and their commitment to their own development is inspiring.

The course teaches you how modern filmmakers make feature length projects and offers practical experience of trying to make such projects. The collaborative nature of modern film making means that this is a course for students with aspirations as directors, producers, camera ops, editors etc. who would not want to develop both their aesthetic and business skills for a long successful career working on feature length documentaries or fiction films.

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