Corporate success has ceased becoming a secret of one corner of the globe. Whatever works in one geographical setting is easily adopted in the other part of the world. The world literally never sleeps and so are the people. Team building as a discipline has grown in leaps and bounds as more and more corporations see the need to engage in these activities. Companies that once closed their doors to such initiatives are now opening them wide to welcome them with both hands. All this is due to the benefits that such team building activities bring along.

Every company is looking for the magic formula that will make it succeed where others have failed. While there has not been a magic wand towards business and corporate success, many organizations have realized that employees are a very invaluable resource in achieving both short term and long-term goals. By staying focused, interconnected and dependent upon one another, employees can be the greatest investment that organizations have. From the least to the greatest, everyone’s effort and input is needed and appreciated. The question then comes; how do you choose the right team building activity for your workforce?

There are different team building activities out there today. Some of them are focused on achieving specific objectives while others are just meant to expand and broaden the thinking horizon of the employee. What will make you choose one and not the other depends on the requirements of your team. Having studied the unique needs of your team, you can shop for tailored activities that will suit their liking. The team lessons that are in such events learnt are invaluable and incredible. Below are some of the team building activities that are common in Sydney and other parts of Australia:

Physical Activities

Many team building activities in Sydney take place outdoors where the employees can jump and run just to free themselves from the daily rushes and meetings. A change of environment is necessary for team building activities. The physical activities that are done at the corporate level should be all inclusive so that others do not feel left out. It is expected that some employees will struggle more that others but that is the difference that team building seeks to bring out.  The emphasis of most physical activities is on team work and the role played by team members at individual level will have a corporate effect. Sports tournaments and obstacle courses are commonly used to knit employees together through physical exertion.

Logical Thinking Problems

This is also a very common team building activity in Australia. Unlike most physical activities, logic problems can be conducted either indoors or outdoors; wherever the employees feel comfortable. In these activities, employees are given a puzzle or tricky problems to solve. The activities can range from jigsaw structures to riddles. The team members then will be arranged in such a way that they will cooperate in the solving of the problems before them. Depending on the level of the employees understanding and reasoning, the puzzles could either be made more difficult or slightly easier to solve. The tact used in logical thinking activities is that of creating a layer of problems and then test the leadership ability of the employees in solving them.

Ice Breaker Games

These games are mostly used by companies in Australia to help them discover the true personalities behind their employees. Co-workers understand who their colleagues really are and this goes along way in knowing how to relate with them. They are mostly light hearted exercises that are aimed at bringing people together more than teaching them specific lessons. Some employees usually react negatively to these games so the organizer has to be really careful so as not to stretch the employees beyond their limits.

Creativity Based Corporate Team Building Activities

These activities dwell on building the creative part of the employees. Trainers often use musical instruments or even cooking to test the different abilities of the employees. Participants normally work together in teams to just brainstorm and come up with a great recipe which they would in turn prepare for the rest to see and taste.

There are lots of other activities including tug of war and mountain climbing which companies often use. The key is to discover the best activity for your members.

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