However, there are so many more options available for your home’s sound system. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your home’s speakers in New Orleans, then consider the following 3 options.

Built-in Surround Sound

It used to be that a surround-sound system meant having bulky, visually unappealing speakers in every corner of your living room. Nowadays, you can have surround sound that nobody will even notice until you turn the television on. Speakers can be built right into your ceiling or walls, hiding them from view while still distributing the sound for the kind of experience you’d only expect to find in a movie theater.

The built-in surround sound can also be extended to your kitchen and other parts of your home. If you can see your living room’s television from your kitchen and want to watch it while you clean or cook, you don’t have to turn the TV up as loud as it’ll go in order to hear it. Just install a few speakers in the kitchen ceiling, and you’ll be able to hear everything just as easily as you would if you were sitting in your living room.

Exterior Speakers

If you’re having a barbecue or other outdoor party, you probably want to play some music for your guests. But who wants to lug a stereo system outside and deal with all of the wires required to hook up a good speaker system? Rather than dealing with that, you can have speakers installed on the outside of your home.

Obviously, this is best done in a sheltered area, like on a porch or patio, to protect the speakers from the elements. But other than that, there are no limits to just how complex your exterior sound system is. For example, many people connect their exterior speakers to their indoor sound system. This allows them to play music that can be heard inside and outside, giving their party a great ambiance.

These types of systems usually come with a switch system that allows you to select whether the inside speakers, the outside speakers, or all of the speakers play the music. This allows you to select how much of your system to use depending on the situation, which is probably something your neighbors will be grateful for, since they don’t always want to listen to the same music you’re listening to.


These days, everything is going wireless. Nobody ever really likes dealing with all the wires involved with electronics anyways, so the fewer wires you need in your sound system the better. If you’re installing either of the above sound system upgrades, consider adding Bluetooth to your system while you’re at it.

This gives you countless options when it comes to playing music through your speakers. You could easily just hit a button on your phone, and music would instantly be playing throughout your entire house. You can also play music from different devices, rather than limiting yourself to just one stereo system. It’s a simple addition to make to a sound system, but it really makes a world of difference.


If you’re looking into upgrading your speakers in New Orleans, don’t be afraid to consider one of the above options. It may cost a little extra, but it will take your sound system to a whole new level that you’ve never experienced before.


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