The 5D theatre is an advancement brought about in the film industry and the unique special effects and interactive seats with the changes made not only in the method of viewing, but also in the seats of the theatres itself is turning out to be a great entertainment for film enthusiasts. A normal theatre cannot showcase 5d movies just because of the fact that they will not be having seats with special effects. As most of us know, when we watch 3D movies, we will have to wear the appropriate glasses for enjoying the effect of objects coming near us, but when it comes to 5D variants, in addition to wearing these glasses for getting the effects of objects coming near us, some changes are to be made in the theatre seats as well for providing different effects like butt, neck, back pocking and leg tickling. In addition to enjoying these effects physically, the viewers of these films will also hear thunder and wind sounds.

Not only seats, but some speakers and special effects are added to the theatres themselves in such a way that the viewers can experience the aroma, rain, flash and even fire effects as per the scene appearing in the film.If you are a theatre owner or an owner of a small hall in a commercial complex with the hope of earning some income by letting it out for rent, you can consider converting into 5d theatre. There are professional firms engaged in the process of designing these theatres. They have a good level of experience in creating these movie halls in such a way that film enthusiasts can spend their weekends with utmost enjoyment. Some professional firms have the experience of setting up these halls not only in different malls, but they have also done the work in good many amusement parks all over India. More and more amusement park owners these days are showing their interest towards setting up of these types of advanced movie halls in such a way that there can be an increase in the number of visitors to their park.

Generally, most of the amusement parks in India are crowded with people during vacation period and during weekends, this can be an additional excitement and enjoyment to the viewers. Irrespective of whether you are the owner of a space in a shopping complex or the owner of an old model film hall, you can easily convert it into a 5d hall and can attract more and more viewers with the help of professional firms providing this service.

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