Made in 2009, Thriller Live London was moved into the West End after three highly praised UK tours and standing ovation all over Europe. It is presently showing at the Lyric Theatre, as well as during tripping the UK and Europe with two other high standard creations. The idea of the show was the British Michael Jackson fan-club creator, Adrian Grant. Though, Jackson himself was not concerned in the script of the theatre creation, he gave his blessing and supported Grant write one of three novels containing Michael Jackson – The Visual Documentary. This made the foundation for the London theatre. Since in 2009 Thriller Live has shown hundreds of plays and has lines of people coming keenly to feel a part of the magic.

Thriller Live Story

Thriller Live London Show is a continuous thrilling show, featuring the life and melody of the ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Get ready for a magical evening with more than 2 hours of superb hits from Jackson’s previous albums and the more current blockbuster containing Thriller, Billy Jean, Smooth Criminal, Beat It and Bad. The play also showcase MJ’s brand that is the ‘Moonwalk’ which actually supports you ‘goose bumps’ and form’s the viewers alight. This wonderful stage performance truly reminds you the days of Jackson and let you know that why he was the greatest entertainer ever and makes you welcome what he brought to the globe of amusement.

Reaching to the Lyric Theatre

The Lyric Theatre is located in the center of the London. The closest tube stations to the theatre are Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus. If you are traveling by train then Charring Cross is the closest railway station. A taxi can be found from Victoria is almost 15-20 minutes based on the time of a day. We advice you board the tube if you are coming in evening as this will keep away from traffic.  


Booking a Thriller Live Ticket is very easy, either you can book online yourself or say a booking agent to arrange for you. Also, check out the discount offers on tickets as it can save your money. Visit the theatre and must watch this show. It is not a great play but the act which is done by different star cast is amazing and mesmerizes you on your every visit. Have a wonderful time in London.

Thriller Live London: This is the great entertaining show running at the Lyric Theatre in London with packed house. The play is not only offering an enjoyable evening but also offering them a memorable time to cherish throughout the life.

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