The lion king, as well all know is a theatrical play that rocked the stages across the world. The awesome musical presented by Disney theatrical which is based on animated film by Disney launched in 1994 is yet one of the leading musicals presented at theatres across the world. The musical was presented first in the year 1997 and today after seventeen years, the musical stays high on demand. It has also been included in the list of the longest running musicals in the history of Broadway theatres. The awe inspiring story of the lion king along with the extraordinary background music and direction has made it to peak the theatres across the planet. The Lion King musical is not only presented by its original cast but is also presented by many other private production houses across the world. The original cast of the lion king has done a lot of shows across the planet including national tours of United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Australia and many other nations.

The show has received unmatchable appreciation from the masses and has become the greatest show on the planet. The story it tells is also of the common interest for kids, youth as well as the adults. The Lion King show is a story of king of the pride lands, the great brave and just lion Mufasa and the story revolves around his son Simba who has been deceived badly by his evil uncle Scar. The story begins as the lion king Mufasa has become the father of a beautiful male cub Simba and the news is spread across his kingdom. Whereas his step brother Scar is extremely worked out on this because his chances of becoming the next king of pride lands are no more there. He plans out with the evil hyenas and together they decide to kill Mufasa as well as Simba so that Scar could become the rightful king of pride lands. Mufasa gets killed by Scar whereas Simba luckily escapes the scene, running far from his father’s kingdom to another place where he grows young. The lion king show schedule has remained one of the top searched queries across the cyber space across many years.

The lion king musical has always remained a sold out show. The best thing about this theatrical show is that it is perfect and highly entertaining for all kinds of audiences including the kids, the young and the old. The audiences who have rated lion king as the best musical include people from all interests, age groups and professions. Due to its ever increasing demand across the world, the lion king show tour dates are announced every now and then. As the story continues, the innocent cub Simba grows young far from his father’s land and his rightful throne and after growing young, decides getting back to fight his right and take revenge of his father from the evil minded Scar. He does so and finally the truth prevails; Simba finally kills Scar and rules the pride lands in place of his father.

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