Being a parent of a couple of children and a person from eighties or nineties, you must have often wondered why the lion king is yet on display at the theatres around the world. Your concern is quite valid however the story of the lion king has casted a spell on quite a few generations already, and it’s a bare fact. The musical which is based on an animated feature film by Disney studios is one of the greatest hits of all time. The story involves dramatic factor, emotions, adventure, love & hatred, good & evil, fight and revenge and much more. There is absolutely everything for everyone to watch in the show and this is the reason why the original animated feature film of lion king which was screened in the year 1994 got super famous around the world among kids as well as adults and due to its immense success and popularity, it was presented at the theatres as a musical.

In order to find discount the lion king tickets the fans of this animated movie were seen queuing up outside the cinemas for hours. The Disney theatrical decided getting this popularity cashed when they started working on a musical soon and after three years in 1997, the lion king musical was presented at the theatres all over United States. The show was initially tried out in 1997 at the Minneapolis theatre whereas its official premiering was done in the same year at Broadway. After a bombastic launch at the Broadway and a record breaking start, the show did national tours across the globe and received unexplainable response from the theatre fans around the world. Each of the shows was a truly sold out event and the tickets were found short in all theatres due to overbooking and extra high keenness from the public. A number of private production houses presented the lion king musical across the world in a number of languages understood by the locals. The demand of musical kept on increasing and as a result of that, the show did repeated national tours of many countries especially the United States.

According to statistics, the show presented by private production houses around the planet earned them millions of dollars and the show goes on yet again. After a total of more than seventeen years the lion king musical is one of the most popular and most demanded musicals across the theatre industry however what has made it more convenient and time saving for its fans is that they can purchase the lion king tickets online through reliable tickets booking vendors such as Ticketsdepot247. The musical has earned enormous fame over the period of just three years less than two decades and is expected to become the longest running Broadway musical ever in the forthcoming era. The experts are also of the opinion that it will continue to be the most loved musical across the world in the upcoming era.

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