An animated cartoon movie which was presented in 1994 by Disney Pictures Inc. the lion king musical is a theatrical presentation and adaptation of the same by Disney Entertainment Studios which has received enormous response from the masses around the world. The lion king musical has not only won the hearts of trillions around the world but has also become equally popular among the kids as well as the adults. The lion king is a story of an adorable cub who lost his family as a result of the evil act by his cruel uncle Scar. The musical as well as the movie begins when Rafiki, the old and loyal monkey spreads news of the birth of a future’s king of Pride Lands across the kingdom. All the subjects including birds and animals of Pride Lands assemble before the pride rock and bow before their future’s king whom the Lion King ‘Mufasa’ names the Simba. This news spreads happiness across Mufasa’s kingdom however one person i.e. Mufasa’s brother is not happy on this news.

Scar who is Mufasa’s step brother has always been jealous of his being the king of Pride Lands and has always wanted him to die soon so that he could take over his throne and the kingdom of this region. The birth of a boy cub means that his chances of being the next rightful king have already eliminated. Being helpless of his extreme jealousy and covetousness, Scar makes an evil plan, a plan nobody would believe! Scar brings together the evil hyenas of Pride Lands and in alliance with them, he plans to killing Mufasa as well as his newly born cub, for Scar to become the king of Pride Lands. Finally they trap Mufasa and kill him brutally whereas Simba is lucky to escape the scenario and avoid being killed. The the lion king show schedule is always planned in a way that people across the certain city are able to witness the show easily without any hindrance.

As the story goes on, the innocent Simba is accompanied by a bunch of pals who help him go through the difficult time by being caring and helpful to him. They live away from the pride lands at an isolated place whereas Scar rules Mufasa’s kingdom, believing that Simba has also died along with his father. As Simba grows young, he has the flame of revenge burning within. Soon Simba decides to get back to Pride Lands and fight back his rightful kingdom from the evil Scar. He does so and finally succeeds in killing the evil Scar to get back his kingdom. This is the time Mufasa’s spirit could rest in peace eternally. The the lion king show tour dates have been announced so if you are excited about witnessing this awe-inspiring musical, you should buy yourself, tickets to this awesome event today and get ready to watch the exciting extravaganza soon in your town.

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