The Book of Mormon, a religious satire musical, is a combined work of Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt stone. For their remarkable works such as ‘South Park’, Parker and Stone together have gained the popularity as the most creative people, who are leading the modern film, theatre and television.

The Book of Mormon is their most recent production which is again going to become a big hit after the remarkable success of the TV show ‘South Park’, Musical, Venue Q’ and the film ‘Team America’. Robert Lopez is the third asset of this team of trio, who also contributed his efforts in Making of Avenue Q, a Broad way hit. The duo – Parker and Stone know how to create a message conveying story while artistically using humor and satire.  As both the artists grew up in Colorado; therefore, their familiarity with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its members, has served as an inspiration for such a creative work. It is also said that Parker had a far-reaching background in Music.

The Book of Mormon is another production in which the duo used idea of teaching a lesson while using the humor. The Play carries a part of religious humor, which is meant to convey a religious lesson that is sometimes impossible to be conveyed just by preaching. The Book of Mormon first emerged at Broadway in March 2011 at Eugene, O Neil Theatre and earned an immediate popularity right away.

The story of the play revolves around two main characters – which acted as young missionaries, who use a completely innovative way of preaching religion. In the play, these two missionaries are assigned the task of visiting a remote area in Uganda, to make people aware of the real light of religion. The village, where the two Mormons were sent, is a place deprived of basic necessities ultimately pushing people against the religion. One of the preachers is bulky, lying and careless person; whereas the second one is arrogant and conventional person. The one missionary, who was bulky, remained successful in converting people towards religion because he used his self-created ways of preaching instead of following book – the method followed by his companion.

From the starting point till the closing, the show keeps the audiences captivated, which is the reason that its tickets among fans are being sold like a hot cake in the market. If you are planning to be entertained by watching this dazzling show, be first to purchase the book of Mormon tickets.

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