Are you a fan of theatres and are not yet sure where to take your family especially children for a real treat on the coming weekend? The lion king is one of the best options you could ever find on the theatre scene. Amazed to know that lion king is yet on the scene? Yes, the lion king being your childhood memory is one of the most adored shows for your kids too. The musical which is based on an animated feature film by Walt Disney Studios has become one of the longest running shows in theatres across the globe. The best thing about the lion king musical is that it is one of the shows that are equally admired and acknowledged by people from all age groups. The old, the young and the kids all are enthusiastic about watching this fascinating musical time and again. The theatres where you find lion king show would always be jam packed because of the utmost popularity this show has credited to its name.

The show combines emotional scenes, the joy, the adventure, the flames of revenge and the fight between evil and the good. Mufassa being the ruler of Pride Lands and known for his justice and equality to all his subjects has been dodged and killed by his step brother Scar who’s jealous of him and wants to take over his throne as the new ruler of the land. He succeeds in doing so however Mufassa’s son manages to escape away to a land of unknown. He lives with a couple of friends who look after him and teach him about how to live life without fear and distress. Simba, the son of dead king Mufassa learns to live happily far from his rightful kingdom unless he grows young. No sooner does he grow young, he decides to get back to the Pride Lands, the land his father owned and is the rightful kingdom of Simba. Filled with rage and flames of revenge for his evil uncle Scar Simba returns to the pride lands. The children and family theater tickets of lion king are sold like hotcakes around the world and it is one of the most successful theatre events witnessed.

The news of Simba coming back reach Scar immediately through his evil friends ‘hyenas’ who in alliance with him killed Simba’s dear father Mufassa, long ago. Simba challenges Scar and attacks him. The fight goes on for long and is filled with a plenty of rage and power from both ends. Ultimately, the good prevails and evil ends. Scar had treated all his subjects in the worst manner one could imagine however Simba gets his rightful throne back and as per teachings of his father Mufasa, makes Pride Lands, the kingdom that harvests love and equality for all. All the animals across the Pride Lands are happy and come to bow before him to accept him as the rightful king of the land. The story ends with kids as well as adults overwhelmed with emotions that are unexplainable. Therefore you couldn’t find children event tickets for your coming weekend better than the lion king tickets, so rush and get yours booked online now!

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