If you are a good singer or dancer, merely confining yourself within the precincts of your home would do nothing great, albeit it will kill your talent. To make it really big, the foremost thing is to come out of your shell, explore the options, and choose the opportunity that you think could help you achieve your desired dream. Many career development companies exist, which help you accentuate your skills in this regard. They arrange for musical theatre workshops, and provide audition listings and singing career information. Notably, Stage Door Connections is the best choice if you’re looking for any such agency in or around NYC or Los Angeles.

Musical theatre workshops at SDC

Among the many of its positive efforts in brushing up the talent of enthusiastic students, workshops are the widely demanded ones. The company keeps on arranging for such events either at its own office or at the client’s end. The unique selling proposition of these theatre workshops is the way the experts train aspirants to approach their career in the entertainment world. Be it singing, dancing, acting, or any other vertical, the professionals provide every important detail that could improvise the performances of the individuals and prepare them for local theater auditions.

Some exclusive features and benefits of several of these singing and dancing related workshops are as follows:

  • Emphasis on issues related to song selection and vocal book
  • Sharing the voice improvement techniques with singers
  • Making the contenders aware of their weak points and tips on capitalizing over them
  • Preparing the learners for a successful vocal audition
  • Back to back dancing and singing sessions for students interested in both
  • Acclimating the students with various dance forms
  • Inspiring the students to reach heights in dancing
  • Helping to master the musicality and acting performance via dancing
  • Mastering cold readings
  • Learning techniques to improvise acting
  • Learning new acting audition techniques

The cream of experts guides your way to success through these workshops by Stage Door Connections. Few of these celebrities include Josh Bergasse, a popular face of Jazz dance, Stephen Purdy a multi-talented personality who serves as a voice pathologist, technician and is also a vocal coach, and Lindsay Levine of Tara Rubin Casting, among others.

Besides these, the company also arranges several theatre seminars for acting, singing, and dancing groups. These events educate you better on how to perform on a stage during local theater auditions. Joining such seminars on regular basis is more likely to infuse immense knowledge, skill, experience, and talent to your group as well as to your individual personality.

As you keep on attending these seminars and auditions, you will realize the positive vibes coming from your deep within. No wonder, you will be a better contender to smash your way in the auditions. However, make sure to check out the SDC calendar for dancing and singing career information.

The audition listings will assist you appreciably in knowing about the dates, venue, and company organizing the competitions.


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