In order to master this application, you need to have knowledge of the various tools used to create realistic blood in a scene and knowledge of how to use them to accomplish that look.

There are several ways to use blood in a scene. The trick is to have it look realistic. The first step to making blood in a scene look realistic is to know what options are available and where to get them.

  • Bloody props – there are props such as bloody hand prints that adhere to various surfaces, blood that is in different colors to be alien blood, shoes complete with blood splatter on the surface, and other props and effects that will enhance your bloody scenes.
  • Blood capsules – These capsules used orally produce the effect of blood leaking from the mouth. This produces a realistic effect that is easy to conceal.
  • Oozing Blood – This is referred to by many names but all create the same result. This type of theater blood works well for scenes where gushing, dripping, and pools of blood are necessary.
  • Tattoos – If you are looking for small drips of blood from the face, neck, leg or arm you can use tattoo blood drips. This options works well for scenes where the characters begin with bloody appearances rather than getting injured during a scene.
  • Blood Gel – Because it is slightly thicker than blood that oozes, blood gel works well for open wounds, surgical scenes, and other injuries.
  • Blood Sprays – When creating blood that has splattered on the floor, ceiling, walls, or characters, blood spray can be used to make the splatter look genuine.

Professional makeup suppliers have quality products that will ensure better results than many over-thecounter makeup products. Professional suppliers also have props that look realistic and are simple to use or apply. These suppliers can be found at local theater shops or online.

Experiment and Practice

Depending on costumes, scene changes, props, and other variables, you may have to experiment a little to find the blood effects that works best and the ways in which to use them. Keeping the mechanics concealed from the view of the audience requires that you find the perfect props or makeup and the perfect execution. Experimenting with different types of theater blood can also be beneficial to creating a flawless bloody special effect. To ensure the cast and team are functioning cohesively practice is needed. Practice allows for correct timing and early errors that can be fixed before the performance or rehearsals.

Creating your perfect bloody scene starts with the right props and makeup and ends with your team and cast executing the effect flawlessly.

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