Home Theatre can be source of ultimate fun when installed in accurate way. However, sometimes people spend large amount of money to get home theatre system installed by professionals and still not able to enjoy desired results. So, it is not all about spending money but money should be spent wisely and only where needed. For home improvements like TV wall mounting and home theatre setup to get maximum experience of these utilities you should avoid some major mistakes. These mistakes if not watch out for, can not only ruin your experience but also result in wastage of money and time.

Some mistakes that should be avoided while setting up home theatre are as follow:

  • Always choose right size of TV

Nowadays everyone wants to install maximum size of TV in their room so that they can enjoy viewing TV more. However, size of TV is not the only factor that can affect your viewing experience. TV should always be purchased with respect to size of your room or at distance from which you watch your TV. In this case it is recommended that you should watch TV from distance which is twice the size of your TV. However, if your TV is flat screen or LED you can enjoy watching TV more by sitting at one and half times size of width of your screen. This rule can not only determine distance at which you should watch your TV but also help you to purchase right size of TV for your room.

  •  Light in your room

If you are looking for TV wall mounting you should always consider light in your room and direction of windows in your room. Too much light or light from front of your TV can destroy the overall effect of image. To control light in your room you can use dark colour curtains that can limit light and you can enjoy true picture quality of your system.

  • Brand vs. Prices

Some people are branding conscious and some are price conscious. While purchasing theatre system or TV for your room you can guarantee that spending more money or opting for most known brand will give you desired TV experience. For this purpose you need to maintain balance between both as first thing you should look for what you actually need. For this purpose you should consider features of different brands along with their prices. This will help you get system according to your need within reasonable cost.

  • Manuals and professional helps

For home theatre setup you should have basic knowledge of surround sound quality and its parameters and for this purpose you should always check manuals come along with system. However, if you are not able to understand manuals correctly it is always recommended that you should call for professional help offered by different home improvement companies.

Avoiding basic mistakes can help you save money as well as you can have unforgettable TV experience along with your friends and family members.

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