As with every tech savvy device, prerequisite knowledge of home theater speakers is fundamental; especially when it comes to installing them. In this electronic era, where nothing can be done without gadgets, the know-how of these very gadgets is absolutely crucial since without knowing how to operate or install or even how to fix them up, we can’t hope to progress.

Most people make the mistake when it comes to installing home theater systems. In their quest for buying home theater systems out there they do a lot of research in order to get the best home theater system and even compare the specifications and prices of various home theater systems under various brands. They however, fail to realize that an equally important step is the installation of this home theater system, especially the home theater speakers since they are the most important component of the home theater system.

This article will be your very own guide on how to install home theater speakers completely. These tips will make it easy for you to install home theater speakers yourself without the aid of

Tips on Installation of Home Theater Speakers:

  1. The first thing you need to know is that there are a variety of home theater speakers. From the central channel speaker to the front left/right speakers to surround speakers and subwoofers; there are a lot many speakers than you thought there would be! And before installing these speakers, you need to know the functions of each and every speaker and how to operate them.
  2. Once you know how many speakers there are and what they are used for it will be easy for you to figure out where you have to place them. The key feature of installing home theater speakers basically depends more on tact than skill.
  3. The next thing you need to keep in mind is the home theater system which you bought and the surroundings where you hope to install it. Preferably you must have bought a home theater system by keeping your surroundings in mind.
  4. Next you need to install every speaker one by one. The central speaker should be installed directly above or below the display. The central speaker is the most important speaker since the majority of the sound is from the central speaker. Therefore, place it as close to your TV as possible.
  5. The front left speakers should be placed with the central speaker in such a way that they form a perfect arc. The distance from your listening position should be the same hence use a measuring tape when placing them.
  6. Surround speakers should ideally be placed right or left of your listening position since they are meant to convey the surrounding sound. Wall mounting is usually the best place for them.
  7. Subwoofers can be placed anywhere since low bass frequencies are unidirectional.

Installation of home theater speakers is not difficult provided you match the functions of every speaker to their location. Get your system from trusted brands like Panasonic, for best performance.


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