Cirque du Soleil is the kind of circus that has completely changed the meaning of what we used to call circus, many years ago. This entertainment show has in fact fully transformed the traditional concept of circus into something that is more enthralling and diverse than the circus was ever before. Cirque du Soleil is not just about the jumping fires rings and man riding a unicycle on the chord; in fact it is about the breathtaking acrobatic performances by some of the world’s top trained acrobats and athletes. The idea of forming such entertainment show came from its founder Guy Laliberte who was highly enthusiastic and passionate about performing arts and due to this passion, he got dropped out of his college. Laliberte went to Europe in order to perform there as a folk musician and bucker. There in Europe, he learned the art of fire breathing and many other extraordinary performing skills. After learning quite a lot, Laliberte went back to his homeland Canada.

After having come back to his homeland from Europe, Laliberte spent time looking for opportunities in the field of performing arts. He also used to buy circus tickets and attend local shows across his city to find out if there is anything new that he didn’t know yet, in this field. Since he wasn’t able to find much in the field of entertainment and performing arts, Laliberte started working at a hydroelectric power plant. This was a big turn in his professional career. However, this job did not last long as the labor strike ended it up soon. After losing this job, Laliberte finally decided to put all his efforts and talents in the field of performing arts, the field he was passionate about, ever since his childhood days. Along with Giles Ste-Croix and Daniel Gauthier, Laliberte planned and organized a fair in Baie-Saint-Paul. He continued striving to get some recognition in the field he loved the most however due to shortage of funds Laliberte was not able to turn all his innovative and unique ideas into reality.

After performing at many places and facing losses and crisis, his other two partners broke up however his hopes and ambitions remained sky high. He later organized a festival which he titled ‘La Fete Foraine’ and its outcome was a thousand times better than all the shows he had organized in the past. This boosted his confidence further and he carried on working hard to achieve his goals. Guy Laliberte had enormous ideas but was always restricted because of limited budget. When people used to buy magic show tickets Laliberte would always think that if he had sufficient budget, he would combine street arts, traditional circus and traditional magic shows and form a unique blend of all. Soon he got help from the government of Quebec and formed Cirque du Soleil, the show he had always dreamed of. It was a huge gamble but it worked and today it is one of the most successful entertainment shows held across the planet.

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