If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting Mars and tried to imagine the appearance of Mars, this is something great for you.

The dynamic director duo – Devarsh Kothari and Nishith Notani present Gujarat’s first sci-fi play whereas writer Manish Khernar takes you to an exciting ride in the outer space with his witty narrating skills. Enacted by profound professionals, the Planet of Loji Moji is an experience of a life time. It literally makes you feel like an explorer of the some celestial body.

The planet of Loji Moji revolves around the third planet of the solar system – Mars. Its similarity to earth has always fascinated humans and this play depicts this curiosity in full throttle. The plot revolves around three main characters who are extremely dysfunctional as a team, thanks to their opposite personalities, but they have been chosen to carry out a secret mission to Mars. Armed with deadly weapons, these astronauts land on the third planet only to find Martians more powerful and blissful than humans.

Anything could happen between 3 mishmash personalities and hundreds of Martians.Find out the mystery behind their mission, their identities, and reconnoitre the world of Mars in the play – ‘The Planet of Loji Moji’.

The play releases on 20th June at Ahmedabad. You can book your tickets online by simply logging on to www.smeam.com, Gujarat’s best online portal for creative initiatives. For a front row, 3D experience, buy the Platinum pass for INR 300 or choose Gold or Silver class for INR 200 and INR 150 respectively.

Do not miss this anokha play laced with light-hearted humour and mind-blowing satire. Come visit the planet of Loji Moji and witness a heart-warming message sent by secretive Martians and equally crazy humans. Their mission is to carry dangerous weapons from earth to the planet of Martians. This play depicts the entire journey from earth to mars and the mysterious creatures that reside there. They have to solve the mysteries of Planet Mars and comeback to mother earth.

From exotic Martians, to an unexplored planet, this play has it all. Planet of Loji Moji gives you a glimpse of how it feels to be a resident of the red planet. So gear up your space suits and settle in the space shuttle, as these eminent directors take you to unearth the mysteries of the planet of Loji Moji.

Artists –
Manish Khernar, Chintan Thakkar, Bansri Chavda, Kailash Shahdapuri, Vedanshi Bhatia, Yash Varan, Bhavin Rawal, Dhara Khopker, Suraj nayak, Vijay Devnani, Nishith Notani, Reshman Sharma, Akanksha Bhagia

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