The Giants were among the first five teams that joined the NFL in 1925 and is the only surviving team in that group. Established in 1925, the NY Giants in an American football team playing in NFL (national football league). The giants as some people would call them play in the national football conference east division. The NY Giants is owned by John Mara and Steve Tisch. NY giants play the home games at the MetLife stadium that it shares with another team the New York jets.

However, they have previously played in many other grounds with the most recent one being the Giants stadium which they used from 1976 to 2009.Their very first stadium was the Polo Grounds which they used from their establishment in 1925 to 1955 when they moved to Yankee Stadium in 1956.Other grounds they have used are Yale bowl and Shea stadium.

It is undisputable that NY Giants is among the all time most successful teams in the NFL. Besides from being the league’s longest-established team in North Eastern America it also boasts of being the third most Successful since inception of the league. With 8 NFL titles and 19 championship appearances (which are higher than any other team) it comes second only to two teams namely Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears.

In 2007 they became only the third team to win at least 600 games the team has also featured 15 players who have been inducted into the hall of fame and six of them going ahead to win the coveted NFL most valuable player award. The giants are also among the most popular teams in the NFL with an almost cultic fan following. Most of their home games are characterized by an almost full capacity attendance. Despite not having won any major title since 2011 the Giants are still a force to reckon with in the League and most teams know it’s a steep climb to defeat them especially at the MetLife.

One of their most eagerly awaited games is the Giants game against the Philadelphia Eagles. Referred to as the best rivalry in the NFL in the 21st century, Many American football enthusiasts never want to miss this clash of the titans’ and so getting a NY giants ticket is normally a tall order. This bitter rivalry can be traced back to 1933 when the Philadelphia Eagles was established. The two teams experienced some degree of prominence in the 1940s and 50s and this can be one of the causes of the rivalry. However, the fact that they have played in the same division since 1933 is also a factor. Although judging from historical results the Giants seemed to have the upper hand recent result tilt the balance in favor of Eagles.

To be able to understand the Giants well it would be best to watch them play. For those who are yet to see them in action then visiting the MetLife for one of their games would be an unforgettable moment. You can buy New York Giants match tickets online from various sites but it is advisable you buy them early in the season since some die hard supporters tend to buy season long tickets which might cause a shortage.

Whether you want to buy Taylor Swift tickets online or NY Giants tickets, just make sure you get these from a reliable vendor.

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