The Romeo and Juliet story touched lives and bring tears to the eyes easily. This all-time favorite love story is a classic success of William Shakespeare that is now transformed into an excellent concert show in the Romeo and Juliet Ballet.

This inspiring literature has inspired many talented ballet choreographers to produce a love story ballet that is fitting to the music, romance, drama and even its tragedy.


The Romeo and Juliet ballet is an inspiring Prokofiev’s evocative score that livens up the atmosphere with beautiful dances and compelling drama in the midst of stunning production styles and designs.

The Romeo and Juliet story revolves around two innocent youths whose families are entrenched in deep hatred for each other. The young couple met by chance and enjoyed the passion of first love. However, the intense rivalry between the two families brought tragic and deaths through a twist of fate.

The external conflict of the two families in Verona left no more for negotiations and change for the better. Hence, the story ends in tragedy as the young couple could not openly profess their love. Romeo killed himself thinking that Juliet is dead although a clever plan was devised to help bring the couple together. The plan was backfired with the death of Romeo and Juliet joined him for eternity. However, some good resulted from their deaths as the two families were brought to their senses about their age-old vendetta. The Capulets and Montagues reconciled to end the feud but at a great loss.


The Romeo and Juliet Ballet never fail to entertain the audience with its storyline, music, choreography and dances through skilled and passionate artists. This is one of the world’s most loved ballets that can easily capture the hearts of the audience throughout all generations.

The audience is fully entertained by the plot that is loaded with mystery and romance which can be heart wrenching at certain scenes. This Ballet is a masterpiece on its ‘Pas de Deux’ for the dramatic emotions that are stirred up from the tragic tale.

Many talented ballet choreographers have immersed into producing the perfect show to entertain audiences of all sorts across the world. Ballet choreographers are fortunate to enjoy Sergei Prokofiev’s musical score that was specially produced for the Romeo and Juliet Ballet. The score is considered a masterpiece in the music world that showcases Prokofiev’s intuitive in-depth understanding of Shakespeare’s poetry to conjure up the perfect score for this Ballet.

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