With the increasing popularity of home theatres and entertainment rooms, the need for home theatre entertainment centers has increased dramatically. Most entertainment centers that you come across in the market or online are gargantuan structures, lavishly built for big spaces, but the reality is that most of us neither have the space nor money to afford such huge structures. Even the ones moderately sized may seem too big in a small room, so how do you make it work? Follow these simple tips below. 

Built-in Shelving

An entertainment center with built-in shelving can allow you to organize and de-clutter you small space efficiently. We know it is a daunting task to manage with large pieces of furniture, but a little planning will make your small rooms both practical and classy.

Room Layout

For your entertainment center, make sure you choose a place where it does not block any doors, windows, or vents. A blank wall in the room would be perfect. Normally, an entertainment room also requires seating such as couches or chairs. Keep in mind the space requirements for these things when selecting a place for your entertainment center. Use folding furniture and trays or tiny side table to allow for more walking space in the room.

Entertainment Center Size

Measure the area where you plan to place your entertainment center. You should have the length and width of the wall and the approximate workable depth of the entertainment center with you when you go to the market to purchase one. This is particularly important because if you don’t know what dimensions would fit well with the available space, you might end up buying something that is too big and doesn’t fit.

Style Options

Choose an entertainment center that gives you maximum utility. Pick a center with multiple shelves and cabinets if you require extra storage for your games, DVDs and other entertainment accessories. Go for a more minimalist look and select a console-type entertainment center; it will take up less space and make your room look bigger and spacious.

Match it with Other Furniture

Making your entertainment system match the style and color of the other décor and furniture in the room will help it blend and give a refined seamless look rather than stand out and be overly prominent in the small space. For instance, placing a white entertainment center in a small room with dark furniture and décor will draw attention to the unit and highlight the space it takes up. Opt for entertainment centers with glass features and smooth lines; they go well with a modern theme, whereas wooden units come in an array of stains, colors and shades to match any décor scheme.

Well, it is not that tricky to fit your home theatre entertainment center in a small room and make it look pretty good too, as the information here might have proven. We hope these tips come in handy when you are planning to build or purchase a suitable entertainment system for your living room or bedroom.

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