Traditional circus that involves horses, tamed lions, jumping through the fired ring, hanging from the roof etc. is no longer admired and appreciated by people since many generations have already seen this traditional form of circus over many decades. As the technology is evolving, the field of entertainment, especially circus and magic shows has also evolved. The increasing demand and expectations of audiences have compelled the entertainers to work hard and try to present something that is totally new and one of kind. A versatile street performer and highly enthusiastic entrepreneur Guy Laliberte is one of few people in the world who have brought innovation to the field of entertainment. Laliberte, a Canadian national being himself a street performer, had the passion of merging the traditional circus and street arts to create something new. Something that could meet the expectations of entertainment seekers; and in this pursuit, he did everything he could possibly do and even beyond.

This highly talented entertainment artist had very limited resources and due to this, he was not able to transform his unique and exclusive ideas into reality. Laliberte contacted a number of people as well as organizations for funds and presented his idea to them however unfortunately they did not respond positively and he was left disappointed. He also contacted local banks and financing organizations if they could lend him some money as a loan but it all went in vain until one lucky day when the government of Quebec approved his loan and took the responsibility of helping him out to creating an entertainment show that could totally change the concept of circus and magic shows. With help from the local government, Laliberte formed his own company which he named Cirque du Soleil. It was an entertainment company that planned on blending mixed martial arts, traditional circus and street arts to form a whole new form of comedy. The first show was presented and it turned out as a massive success. The crowd purchased cheap cirque du soleil tickets but when they came out after the show, their reviews were totally amazing.

Laliberte’s lifetime planning and his extraordinary talented worked and Cirque du Soleil became an instantaneous hit. Let’s tell you something about this entertainment show. Cirque du Soleil is not just a blend of various performing arts for the sake of entertainment. In fact the real idea behind it is that each of its shows is based on a theme and is presented along with amazing performances from the artists as well as special background music. The company spends millions of dollars every year in its shows since the stage and arena are made with a big idea behind. The theme varies and every show has something totally new in it. These days, finding discount cirque du soleil tickets is one tough job. The show schedule is the most awaited announcement for its fans and the moment tickets come out, they are sold online in advance.

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