Did you know, the circuses, magic shows, theatres and other entertainment fiestas are held across the globe and are watched by the largest numbers of people including the children, the young as well as the old? These shows are organized by specialized entertainment companies, each specializing in a specific kind of entertainment production. Since the technology is evolving with an enormous pace and people are getting more inclined towards finding all sorts of entertainment at one place, there comes a need for a show that could combine the elements of all kinds of entertainment and present them artfully and masterly at one place. Cirque du Soleil is one such show. In fact it is one of a kind show produced by a Canadian entertainment company. Since circuses, street arts and magic shows add positivity to a man’s busy and hectic life, they are watched by people of all age groups. Guy Laliberte, who is the founder of Cirque du Soleil started off with a very low budget and lack of resources.

He along with his best friend used to perform at the local streets across Quebec. Laliberte and his friend were extraordinary talented performers. They had the talent of making people pop their eyes off. The great Laliberte used to perform at streets and amaze people with his qualities that could not be found in people from the same profession. He always had a dream of creating his own entertainment company. A company that could present not just circus or street arts at once place; in fact Laliberte wanted to create a company that could present all forms of entertainment at one place. In order to pursue his dreams he contacted many organizations to fund him and help him take this field of entertainment to a whole new level. Guy Laliberete faced back to back failures in his pursuit to creating an entertainment company with a whole new idea. But his failures did not decrease his confidence and passion towards creating his own entertainment company. He used to buy circus tickets and was always disappointed with the way they presented the shows since he had in his mind, the exclusive and next level ideas.

Finally after immense hard work and determination towards his goal, he was able to get loan from the government of Quebec. He finally created a unique blend of mixed martial arts, street performances, traditional circus and magic shows. Laliberte presented the whole new face of circus which he named Cirque du Soleil. The audiences gave him an enormous appreciation for this show and after a few shows it became a super hit. The long plans and hard work of Guy Laliberte finally paid off and his talent was acknowledged not only within Canada but it slowly and gradually became popular across the globe. Today, if anyone wants to buy magic show tickets he would opt for cirque du soleil instead, since he would be able to find magic, circus, street arts and just about everything he desires for entertainment at the Cirque du Soleil show.

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