Digital Signal Processing is an emerging science which is revolutionizing   the concept of information processing around the world. With quite cheaper in price and simple to develop DSP systems are now widely replacing analog systems.

In case of cinema theaters, Digital technology which in technical terms is information transmitted in the form of binary language of (1&2) , has put aside the conventional concept of film making process which is being process for almost like 100 years or so .

Recently Hollywood cinema and film makers announce that their every movie will now be made in digital format. This is on one way or the other begins the journey of 35mm camera, projectors and other related equipment’s journey to the museum.

Digital cinema if we have look on deep in it find out that its just not confined to the concept of theaters but it holds all impacts in movie making process i.e. right from the beginning of film making process to its production, distribution and finally its display .Its the digital format that allows the users to experience cinema like movie experience in their homes as well.

Process of Film Making:

In analog era, 35mm camera was used to shoot the movies, requiring great expertise of the film crew, which carry out camera handling, its placement and all other requirements. But in digital era, cameras are very easy to handle and any immature person can also capture high quality movie shot which was entirely impossible with 35mm. Digital cameras allows the directors to take multiple shots, and check them at the spot , this concept and facility allows the director on the set to get multiple shot without having any issue regarding cost of films to be used.

A number of different types of manufacturers like Canon and Red have developed high quality cameras to capture perfect movie shots.

Digital Film Processing:

In digital movies you don’t need processing lab to develop large film rolls. The movie captured is on Compact disc , which is processed on computer systems , all the changes is made over there then save on Compact disc . This information saved on compact disc is first converted into Digital Cinema Projection (DCP) format.

Digital Film Display ;

In cinemas there are projection systems installed which play the movie being recorded , digital sound system provides high quality and extreme clarity of sound as compare to any other system.

The cinema technolgy is touching to unbelivable heights to such a extent that now mDX cinema theaters are becoming more pouplar as compare to 2D technology.

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