Walt Disney studios, has always produced greatest masterpieces. The Lion King movie which was one of the thirty-two animated cartoon movies, was produced and released in the year 1994 by Disney Feature Animation, and due to its unique and inspirational story, it received excellent response from the masses. The children as well as adults greatly admired this awesome animated cartoon movie. The Disney’s Lion King comprised not only a heart touching story of the king of pride lands, but also had excellent feature animation and music composition. This animated movie rocked the cinemas across the US and people looking to buy family theatre tickets opted for the Lion King. This breathtaking animated movie was directed by Rob Minkoff, Roger Allers and featured some wonderful soundtracks including Hakuna Matata, Circle of Life and Can You Feel the Love Tonight. The voices included Matthew Broderick and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Simba, James Earl Jones as Mufasa, Jeremy Irons as Scar and Nathan Lane as Timon.

The popular characters of the Lion King movie included Simba, Timon, Shenzi, Scar, Mufasa and Ed the Hyena at the top of list, alongside many others. After a blockbuster success of Lion King at the cinemas across the US, Disney Theatrical decided launching its musical at the theatres across the planet. The project was initiated soon and after a period of three years, on eighth of July, 1997, the lion king musical was tried out at the Minneapolis theatre. The official presentation of the musical was done at Broadway later. After its gigantic success across the Broadway theatres in the United States, the musical was presented in Tokyo followed by national tour of Japan, London, Toronto, Los Angeles, Hamburg, US National Tour, Sydney, The Hague, Shanghai, Seoul, Johannesburg, Paris, Taipei, Madrid, United Kingdom National Tour and Sao Paolo. Out of all the discount family theater tickets, the lion king musical tickets were highest in demand soon after its announcement at the theatres. In the year 1998, the lion king musical won Tony Award for Best Musical which further increased its value.

Due to its massive popularity, this musical was presented across the world by various production houses. The musical did an excellent business across the planet and just like the movie, it was a massive popularity. The demand for lion king tickets increasingly became high over the years, and the most astounding fact is that, even today, after nearly two decades, this wonderful theatrical show is still high on demand. As the story begins, Mufasa who is king of Pride Lands is glad to know that he has become the father of a lovely cub, whom he names Simba. This young and beautiful cub cannot wait to be a king. However, his uncle Scar is too jealous of him and his father that he plots a plan to kill both and take over the kingdom of Pride Lands. Mufasa is killed in a conspiracy plan whereas Simba is left alone and helpless. The flame of revenge burns within Simba unless he gets young and makes a super comeback to pride lands to take back his rightful throne from Scar.

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