Although not many people appreciate the beauty and exquisiteness of ballet, a storyline with the graceful dance can work wonders in changing such mindsets. There is a myriad of professional ballet concerts organizers that endeavor to deliver the best of ballet productions especially to the European audience.

Some of the most amazing ballet concerts include the Swan Lake story, Nutcracker, Russian Cossacks and Sleeping Beauty. The Swan Lake story performed in ballet is an exquisite performance that is entertaining and heart wrenching.


The Swan Lake story reveals the battle of good against evil. The amazing timeless score was composed by the renowned composer Pyotr I. Tchaikovsky. Swan Lake is a Russian classic performed with evocative music in a graceful ballet dance. The story is full of mystery and romance that would capture the heart of its audience.

The Swan Lake story revolves around Odette and Odile; these girls share an intense likeness in appearance that they are often mistaken for each other. This is a compelling legend of tragic in romance where Princess Odette is turned into a swan through an evil curse. It is Prince Siegfried who stumbles upon flock of swans during his hunting venture. He is immediately and intensely captivated when a swan turned into the beautiful Princess.

Odile plays the twin role of Princess Odette as a scheming Black Swan who is jealous of the Princess’ beauty and life. The Prince comes to the rescue to break the curse.


This popular ballet is frequently performed across Europe throughout the year. There are spring, winter and autumn performances by different reputable concert organizers at different locations.

Opera and concerts lovers can enjoy the great tale of Swan Lake in ballet at their preferred concert location when the show comes to town. Tickets can be procured through mail or online for a prompt delivery.

The stirring performances by the diligent and passionate cast draw many to watch this concert whenever it is featured. The Swan Lake story underwent a difficult startup but persisted through time. The storyline and choreography have been freshened up several times to cater to the different audiences and era.

This ballet performance can be said to be the most controversial of all ballets. There is always a divided opinion of the storyline, performance, choreography and music. Yet, the Swan Lake story is inspiring and invoking to each patron. One must watch it to decide for oneself about the Swan Lake Story.

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