Cirque Du Soleil is centred on a selection of songs bringing the audience a true experience of Liverpool’s most iconic band. The group that stormed society’s gates with their early pop/rock music is now being honoured by the world’s most successful circus establishment.

Rather than telling the story of the Beatles, the show tells the story of their songs and expresses aspects of their lives, making it an incredibly powerful experience. Deeply connecting with the audience, the production takes audiences through one landscape to another, exploring the historic times that the Beatles have taken part in over the decades. Some of the Beatles songs that are included in the show are “Because,” “Eleanor Rigby,” “Help,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Hey Jude,” and “All You Need is Love.” The songs are interpreted through acrobatics, dance, clowning and other forms of Cirque art, combining with incredible visual design and costumes to become a truly marvellous and extravagant tribute to one of the greatest rock groups of all time. As the song “Because” takes the show in hand, the Beatles meteoric rise to the top roofs of London and to the top of the world is displayed. The scene is followed by more scenes depicting the songs “Get Back” and “Glass Onion,” until the show alights on “Eleanor Rigby” in which many characters from the Beatles past songs come to the fore in an intricate homage to these legendary stars.

This magnificent event is further glorified by “I Am the Walrus,” “Rock ‘n’ Roll Run, “Abbey Road,” “Gnik Nus” and “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.” “Help” is a crazy scene with terrifying acts of daring by four wonderful sports athletes. This is followed by another nine songs/scenes until it settles into a tranquil moment. This song is expressed through aerial yoga as four female artists perform next to a garden of light, signifying the spiritual journey that the musicians took as a group. “Hey Jude” comes several scenes later, celebrating the memory of the group in a swirl of poppy petals.

If you are a fan of the Beatles, then this is a must-see show. Whether you have ever experienced Cirque du Soleil before or not, you are certain to enjoy this fantastic experience of theatrical and circus mastery. To enjoy the incredible experience that you will have when you visit, get your Cirque Du Soleil tickets online today! Tickets could be sold out, especially if you are making a last-minute trip to see the show, so be sure to get your tickets online easily. Enjoy this amazing Beatles tribute.

It has different acts but the most dissecting are the acrobats that are different in every show. Quidam’s hop rope section is quite captivating and the feast routine is really breathtaking. In a fantastic style, a 10 years old girl is being thrown away from a three story level and caught by a man standing on the shoulders of another man. Looks unbelievable! Many people took part for the most stunning act “Statue”. This attractive balancing act by experts really appeals to the nerves. The configuration is exceptionally thrilling and heart pushing. Arrange your blocks for the Cirque Du Soleil by booking your tickets as soon as possible.

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