Films are possibly our most popular form of entertainment, we can immerse ourselves in the amazing and wondrous other worlds and stories and we can watch them almost any time we please. The cinema has always been a top choice for an entertaining night out, whether with the kids or for a romantic date night, you can’t go wrong with a trip to the movies. However, it is time to break this modern day routine. The theatre has so much to offer that many people do not realise, the realness and pure quality of going to watch a show creates memories that you will have for the rest of your life.

Life-like atmosphere

The story played on a stage feels so much more real and watching it appear on a screen. You can really feel the emotions and hear the sounds clear as day. As well as this, the colours are vibrant and the sets will transport you straight into the fairytale. You can’t beat experiencing live music and talent first hand it really will give you chills. Every performance will be different as the cast changes and circulates and performances update themselves making it feel more alive.

Adds a sense of occasion

Heading out to the theatre really makes your evening feel extra special. You can get a bit dressed up, get your glad rags on and make a night of it. The theatre itself is much more luxurious than a cinema, no sticky floors or seats covered in popcorn! They are also more elaborately decorated in hues of rich gold, red and black. You can get the whole family involved and it will feel like the outing of the year! Many restaurants also do good ‘theatre deals’ for food so you can combine a visit to the theatre with a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant.

Get back to basics and stick with tradition

The stage is where many stories were written to be seen. So forget the huge budgets of the movies with outlandish special effects, post production and green screen. At the theatre, what you see is what you get and it can be a really comforting and eye opening experience as you have to use your imagination much more than sitting in the cinema. You know that what you see before you is real and this simple representation will seem much more impressive without the use of technology or computers.

The rising cost of the cinema

Yes the cinema may still be cheaper than visiting the West End, however the cost is going up and just think about the show you will see on the stage compared with what you see at the cinema. The value for money is astounding. You might be surprised and find that tickets are relatively inexpensive for example Jersey Boys tickets can be purchased for around £20-40 on average.

Summary: If you are planning your weekend night out and fancy some drama, head to the theatre instead of the cinema. You find yourself amazed by a visual and musical extravaganza.

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