The lion king is one of the greatest stories ever told by the Disney studios. Released in the year 1993, the animated move rocked the cinemas with its spectacular story and musical score. The lion king tells the story of an innocent little cub Simba whose father Mufasa was the king of Pride Lands and was ruthlessly killed by his evil brother Scar. Simba, the cub was left all alone to face the world and he lived far from his father’s kingdom with a couple of friends, who gave him all the courage to face the world and once he grew young, they gave him courage to get back to his father’s kingdom and give an end to the evil rule of Scar. The lion king tickets were sold like hot cakes as the cinemas were full of audiences. The animated movie was rated as one of the best and safest productions for all kinds of audiences. The amazing fact about this film was that it received appreciation from all kinds of audiences.

Getting to know more about the story of this great animated film, the young and powerful Simba gets ready to fight his uncle Scar and get back his rightful throne. With the intention of fighting back his throne, Simba returns back to the pride lands where he discovers that Scar is treating his subjects very cruelly and unjustly. Simba’s passion to fight the evil skyrockets further and he comes face to face with Scar soon. The fight continues for long and in the end, Simba succeeds in killing the evil and getting back his rightful throne. Simba plans on implementing the same system as his father Mufasa did and intends to making Pride Lands, one of the best places on the planet. There has been a great demand of cheap the lion king tickets across the world due to the massive popularity of this awe inspiring movie and musical.

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