The Book of Mormon a hit musical that has been running successfully in London’s West End theatre name Prince of Wales theatre. The show has some of the most exciting musicals that have brought an evolution in the world of modern musicals.

Imagined by Trey Parker, Robert Lopez and Matt Stone while making the successful TV series “South Park”, the show is a customized story of the most admired Broadway shows of the past decade. The team of the trio had a keen interest in Mormonism and made “South Park” during their college with Mr. Joseph Smith, the creator of the Mormon Church. They met with each other and decided to create new music and The Book of Mormon was born. After many comprehensive programs and previews, the show was inaugurated on 24th March 2011.

The Book of Mormon has won the Tony Award for Best New Musical and still continues to be the newest ticket in the city. The Book of Mormon tickets is hard to get as the show tickets are sold out quickly, so advance booking can help you to watch this show at Prince of Wales theatre.

The drama displays the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are ordered to go Uganda to collect information about the Latter Day Saints. They are wondered by the civilizing dissimilarity, as a War Lord pressurized the locals and spreads fears inside the villagers. Both missionaries try to exchange the scriptures with the villagers. One of the Mormon missioner explains the villagers about the Holy Scripture. Food shortage, poverty and AIDS terrorize the city and the two must fight their own attitude to succeed and create a revolution.

The successful show inaugurated in London at the Prince of Wales Theatre and the theatre is registered with Cameron Mackintosh’s Delfont Mackintosh group. Sample of acts started on 25th Feb 2013 amongst the huge crowds. Business for the creation has been doing well and attracting a large number of audiences daily. The excitement to see the show at the ticket counters displays its popularity and for how long it will run, no one can predict about this. The show is continuously building a relationship between the theatre and the audiences.

Plan to see this wonderful creation of mastermind at Prince of Wales Theatre and enjoy some quality time with your family, friends and relatives. It will be prove a glorious and memorable time in your life.

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