Theater offers and presents a wide range in style and genres to the audiences, including drama, musicals, comedy, improvisation and tragedy. The expression of ideas is brought forward through voice, song, dance, body language and dialogues.  From Roman amphitheatres, started as the performance of various rituals to fully equipped and scientifically facilitated performances in terms of advanced technology, theater  has come a long way and continues to grow progressively. Due to its universal appeal, theater is considered to be a great source of entertainment that caters audiences of all ages and performing art lovers with diverse tastes and preferences buy theater tickets to satisfy their craving for quality entertainment around the globe.

The trend of plays originated in ancient Greece but became popular in Roman times. The earliest recorded event dates back to the 2000 BC, when the annual performance at festivals displayed passion plays of Ancient Egypt, based on the stories of God Osiris. These plays are also considered to be the beginning of developing a strong relationship between theatre and religion. Roman architectural designs of amphitheatres provided the base for all modern theatrical facilities of today. Upgraded over a period of time, present era theatre is now backed with technology to enhance the experience for theatre lovers. Be it the Shakespearean tenure, where theatrical performances and dramas took a major leap in the diversity of subjects, or the luring modernized era with advanced technology in addition to creative theatrics and artistry, the value of theatres in the modern age has been exceptionally high and theater has always been a source of great joy and entertainment for performing arts lovers, and continues to be so.

The rise of Shakespearean era not only paved way for passionate and romantic performances, but also brought comedy to the theatres. It also provided a platform for the next generations to build on, in years to follow. The fully equipped stage with appropriate lighting, amazing sound system and overall ambience of the place adds to make the experience worth the while. Today, a number of creative productions including, musicals, dramas, plays, comedy shows and innovative dance performances, takes place in theaters around the globe. Theatrical performances as ‘The Lion King’, ‘Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Swan’, ‘Billy Eliot’, ‘Midnight Children’, ‘Rock of Ages’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘The Book of Mormon’, ‘The Addams Family’, are a few among many productions which have been entertaining audiences in America, Canada and Europe, and has a fan following around the world.

There’s no denying the appeal of going out to a local theater to enjoy the latest shows with friends and family. Nowadays, theater tickets are in high demand, and theaters all over are jam packed with the latest and greatest shows, plays and musicals, including the classics. Buy theater tickets to catch some of the magnificent performances happening at your nearest venue. Discount theater tickets are also available for all shows but they sell out fast, so better hurry, check out the schedule for up-coming shows, buy tickets and get into the theater spirit with your loved ones!

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