You might be watching the greatest show on earth, but all of it could be completely ruined if you are simply not comfortable enough to enjoy it. A majority of the people feel that way, because the seats they are placed in are far from comfortable. In most cases, nothing can be done about it. Different environments and settings have their own specific seating requirements. The size and spacing of the seats also affect the types of shows that are being performed. Because of this, the type of theater seating depends solely on the theater you find yourself in.

·        Acoustic Theater Seats

You will notice that in most concert halls and orchestra halls, the seats are also small with a small back and no headboard. This is done because the larger seats seriously hinder the affects of the acoustics. Orchestras are specially affected by it. The design of the acoustic theater seats is designed and confirmed during the architectural design phase of the concert/orchestra hall. These types of seats are generally not considered very comfortable. But the shape of the seats and their spacing ensure that you get to experience sound like nothing you’ve heard before.

·        Small Drama Theater Seats

Small drama theaters usually accommodate anywhere from fifty to three people. The seats in these types of theaters are usually packed tightly together to utilize space. But at the same time their placement plays a very important role because the audience needs to be able to view the show from every angle. Small drama theater seats are also low and without a headboard. And in most cases they are either very lightly padded or not padded at all.

·        Large Drama Theater Seats

Though the size of the small and large drama theater seats doesn’t vary much, in this case, comfort is given a little precedence. This is because the audience is in for the long haul and needs to be able to sit for a very long time without tiring out their muscles. Large drama theater seats also have thin arms to give them ample spacing.

·        Movie Theater Seats

Movie theater seating is regarded far and wide as the most comfortable type of theater seats. Comfort plays a very large role in these types of seats. Movie theater seats are large, thick armed, and thickly padded. Movie goers dig into these seats and enjoy the show. Movie theaters rely on projectors and sound system to produce the show. Unlike other theaters, there is no live performance and no fear of the acoustics going haywire. That is why the size and the spacing of the seats doesn’t really matter.

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