The West End and fringe theatre periphery of London consists of many venues where plays, dance shows, musicals, dramas etc. are held. To purchase tickets for these amazing performances, there are many official ticketing websites that can be of help.

London, the capital city of UK, is recognized as an economic and cultural hub all over the world. Tourists love to experience its theatrical extravaganzas and historical sights. Any visit to London should include a visit to the West End or fringe theatre. However, tickets prices can be expensive, thus one should be careful and research as much as possible before purchasing the ticket, to ensure you get best value.

The West End and fringe theatre in London offer a huge choice of exciting plays, dance shows, musicals and dramas. To buy tickets for these performances, there are official ticketing websites that can be of help. These websites generally provide a full description about the plays that are going to be held at the different venues, and also give you the option to select your actual seats. You should always try to purchase tickets through STAR affiliated websites. STAR or Secure Tickets from Authorized Retailers is self-regulatory body for the entertainment ticketing industry in London and the United Kingdom.

Many theatres run offers like two tickets at the price of one, or lesser rates for specific nights in a week. During specific periods, the Kids Week allows children to watch free shows. The scheme states that anyone in between the age of 5 to 16 years gets a free ticket if is accompanied by an adult, who needs to pay fully. Sometimes, many theatres in West End keep aside a few tickets especially on the mornings when a show is released, and sell them for 10 pounds only. So such offers can definitely be availed for the fantastic shows.

There are some ticket booths located around London, for example in Bent Cross Shopping Centre and Leicester Square, which sell discounted tickets for the theatres at London, officially. In such outlets, occasionally tickets can be purchased at hugely discounted rates although this is totally dependent on availability. If there is a show you are desperate to see, it’s recommended that you book tickets in advance as most shows in London are extremely popular.

As you would imagine, theatre owners want to see their theatres full, therefore, they are most likely to offer discounts the closer you are to the show. However, you always run the risk of not getting a ticket if the show is full, or you might only be able to get a lower quality ticket. Opting for a combined package where you pay for travel, the meal, the accommodation and the theatre tickets as one package can be extremely good value, with some big discounts available.

Discounted theatre tickets in London are available in many places. However, there can be both advantages and disadvantages to these. What we would say though is that London has some of the most memorable shows in the world and will be an experience you will never forget!

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